Types of Insurance Coverage during Car Accidents:


Are you confused with the types of insurance coverage rendered during car accidents? If the answer is yes, then this write-up is entirely for you. We will shed light on the different types of insurance coverage based on the perspective of lawyers.

Liability Coverage:

This type of insurance coverage appeals for both physical injuries and property damages caused during a car accident. There are two essential parts under this type of coverage, namely, liability coverage for property damage and liability coverage for physical injury.

  •  Liability Coverage for Property Damage: Your car caused property damage of others during a car accident. Under such a situation, you can claim the liability coverage to pay off the loss of the other party. In other words, this insurance coverage will meet all the expenses for the damage your car had made on the property of others. For instance, your vehicle runs into another car when trying to avoid children playing on the road. Under such circumstance, your insurance liability coverage will pay the expense for the damage you have made on the other car.
  • Liability Coverage for Physical Injury: When you encounter a car accident, the other party might claim for injuries against you. Liability coverage will protect you from this type of claims made by the other party. For instance, you caused a car accident in which the other party involved had physical injuries. The injured driver will seek for injury claims such as medical expenses. Your liability coverage will protect you from such claims. However, it is worth noting that it will not pay for personal injuries.

Uninsured Coverage:

Uninsured coverage will pay for both physical injury and property damage caused during a hit-and-run accident.

Underinsured Coverage:

Underinsured coverage comes in handy when another party responsible for the accident could not pay the total amount for the damages. For instance, you suffered a significant physical injury during a car accident then call King Aminpour, and the cost for your medical expense was 1000 dollars. But the other party at fault could cover only 500 dollars. Under such circumstance, your underinsured coverage will help you by paying the remaining amount.